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Owner Kelly Lax



Kelly has a passion for the developmental value and community that dance provides children.  A career educator with advanced degrees in early childhood development, elementary education, and curriculum and instruction, she wholeheartedly believes in a structured and individualized approach to performing arts.  


Her mission is to ensure that Kelly’s Dance remains a special, non-competitive space for children of all ages to learn the love of dance. Creating a happy learning environment where students achieve high levels of personal accomplishment and learn the life skills to come into their own as young adults  is her priority.

our instructors

Our Instructors



Leanza has been dancing since the age of three and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she was a member of the Top-10 nationally ranked KnightMoves Dance Team.  A performer through and through, she has danced at Philadelphia 76ers games, the 2010 IKEA Thanksgiving Day Parade, Penn State University basketball games, and has even appeared on the Rachael Ray show.


Favorite style/type of dance and why:

“Jazz! The style allows you to show off your personality and the music always lifts your spirits!”


How dance has changed my life:

“Growing up with my mom as my dance teacher meant that I spent A LOT of time at the dance studio. Some of my dearest friends were made through dance and those friendships have only strengthened over time. Dance teaches you hard work, perseverance, strength, stamina and resilience. I truly don't know who I would be without dance in my life!”




Margaret has over twenty-five years of dance experience, which include eight as an instructor.  Her sunny disposition and the training she received from Columbia College, where she graduated with honors from the dance program, offer an unbelievably perfect start for our littles learning to love dance.


Favorite style/type of dance and why:

“My favorite style of dance is ballet because it is the foundation for so many other styles of dance. I also love how ballet progresses in a logical pattern and requires an intense amount of focus, yet when performed, the audience only sees the grace and beauty of the dancer. The opposition of internal hard work and external grace is beautiful to me.”


How dance has changed my life:

“Finding my passion for dance at a young age developed a drive to work hard and continually push myself to become the best I can be in all areas of life. I have also been able to develop both the artistic and logical sides of my brain fairly equally which has given me the skills for creative problem solving and seeing multiple sides of any given situation. The focus and work ethic required in dance training carried over into my studies and guides my entrepreneurial dreams.”




Paris has been dancing for fifteen years and competed on her high school dance team. She also has training in gymnastics and cheerleading.  Paris is excited to be sharing her love of dance with others as she has dreamed of being an instructor since she was a little girl.


Favorite style/type of dance and why:

“My favorite genre is Contemporary because you can really make it your own. It allows you to share a deep emotional connection with the audience.”


How dance has changed my life:

“Dance gives me the opportunity to create and share with a whole new generation of dancers.”



Assistant Instructor

Nikki has participated in dance classes throughout elementary, middle, and high school.  With experience in modern, jazz, hip hop, and ballet, she choreographed a solo performance for her high school senior showcase where she was selected out of several other dancers in her class to perform.  


Support squad

Support Squad


Studio Photographer

Tiffany is a lifestyle photographer whose talent allows our studio families to cherish precious dance memories for years to come.  She documents all studio events and helps create the fabulous shots you see on postcards, calendars, and other electronic and print mediums.  


Parents can purchase professional photos at any time here.


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